Most Important Invention Ever

It’s funny, but the printer just might turn out to be the most important invention of the 21st century. It still needs time to develop, but the possibilities of printing are only beginning to peak.

For starters thereĀ  is the slow but steady advance of 3D fabrication printers. This Salon article explains the wonders that is prefab.

I thought I’d post about this printer only because the Salon article is a good read, but because I was lucky enough to check one of these printers out earlier today (I’ll save the details for a later post). Current models don’t look that exciting, but the potential these “printers” have is boundless.

Then there are bio-printers. Rachel Metz, whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, wrote this article for Wired News — and it’s quite good. Just think, 3D printers like the one above can make useful artifacts and bio-printers can regenerate vital organs.

Printers: The most underrated invention ever.