Buy Nothing Day: Interview

As a young bright-eyed college student I fell in love with Adbusters magazine. Today I think it was one of the many factors that led to my pursuit of journalism. One of the editors at Wired News is also a fan, because every year they cover Buy Nothing Day. This year, I made sure to step up early to try and cover it. We decided to do a Q and A with Kalle Lasn the editor and founder of Adbusters Magazine. You can see the published interview at Wired here.

But that’s not the full interview, that was the edited interview for the website. Being a fan of Adbusters I made sure to keep Lasn on the phone as long as I could, just for my own personal enjoyment. I think it would be nice to make the un-edited interview available here.

Keep reading to see what Lasn has to say about issues beyond and including tech.

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