Personal Democracy Reject

I worked on the article below for Personal Democracy Forum. Oh man did I work on it. In the end, they didn’t like it. Funny, because they pitched the idea to me. I guess it’s another lesson learned; your best writing comes from your own ideas. From here on out, I’ll be weary when editors come to me with story ideas that I myself only find half-interesting. But since I worked so hard on the piece below, it would be a shame if it never sees the light of day.

Political Portals

Web portals today are a complete destination unto themselves. But before the dot com bust, portals existed for all kinds of interests, including politics. Today, like ghost towns of the old west, once vibrant political websites lurk in cyberspace acting only as cultural archives, preserving political battles long since passed.

Sites like or either lay dormant or have been stripped and sold. But while some political portals have become relics others have emerged from theĀ  bubble to dust themselves off and try again. Sites like CandidateCompare lay in waste, while EthePeople has weathered the storm to become an oasis of political discussion long after its heyday.

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