Knowing The News

One of the great things about freelance writing and following the news in general is when you see a name you recognize.

Here is a New York Times article about global warming and trees. Turns out that too many trees might not be a good thing according to Ken Caldeira, a scientist at the Carnegie Institution Department of Global Ecology in Stanford.

Ken’s a good guy. I’ve interviewed him twice, once for a story on Wired News about flying windmills and again for a rehash of that story for Plenty Magazine (coming out next month). The first time around he was working at Berkeley’s Lawrence Livermore Lab but I guessed he’s moved to Stanford now.

Now I realize that this post really only strokes my own ego. But I also think it goes to show something about being a journalist. So far I haven’t gotten any real perks. No free trips, no backstage passes, the most I’ve gotten is a free red bull at an art convention. But for right now I do get the perk of having met and talked to the people behind the news. For now that’s enough.