Informal Resume

Executive Producer – AJ Plus

  • 2014 – present: Part of Al-Jazeera’s research and development arm to turn a broadcast company into a 21st century digital operation

Founding Editor – Circa

  • 2012 – 2014: Founding editor and Chief Content Officer of Circa


  • Director and founder 2007-2012

Event Organizer

Lecturer – UC Berkeley

  • UC Berkeley School of Journalism – Full Time Lecturer 2011-2012

Journalism Fellow


  • Director of distributed reporting.

Beat Blogging

  • Lead blogger
  • Left to start Spot.Us but remained an adviser

OffTheBus.Net – a project of Huffington Post

  • NewAssignment.Net Associate/Editor


  • Founding Editor and Chief of a citizen journalism Network.
  • Has stepped down and is now a regular editor along with several other volunteers.


  • Contributing editor – now a member of the nonprofit board.

Assignment Zero

  • Associate Editor

Freelance Writing

Adviser to


In Other Media


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