Greenpoint in the Times

Greenpoint has been the NY Times a lot lately. We had a large 10-car alarm fire a few weeks ago. There has been talk about the Newtown Creek oil spill. I even saw one really bad feature on “The Thing” a famous record store in our neighborhood.

Then there was this story about Pastor Ann and the Greenpoint Reformed Church. Right now this is my favorite Greenpoint story because… well, to be honest because I wrote it.

My first New York Times piece. Needless to say, I am excited.

The story is about a lesbian Pastor in my neighborhood. Her father was also a minister and he presided over her wedding to her partner when it was legal in Massachusetts. But soon afterwords her father was stripped of his title as minister. It’s also believed that she would have been granted the title of minister had she not been so open about her sexuality.

It’s a pretty interesting situation. The Pastor was very nice while I was researching for this story. She talked very candid with me and got me in touch with her father.

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