Google Headquarters and Wrap Up

When I arrived at Google’s brand spanking new NY headquarters it dawned on me that I picked the wrong major in college. If I studied computer science I could be chilling in that office on the daily. Riding razor scooters form office to office (which can be 100s of yards apart) and eating gourmet food.

On my breaks I could go to the game room and play Guitar Hero, ping pong or Foosball (I would kill fools in Foosball — Oli you know what I’m talking about).

But alas. I was there on a tour with my new media journalism class where we learned about tools Google has that can help journalists.

With that day dream out of the way. You probably noticed that I’m posting less frequently. This will probably remain the case for sometime. Just as I was building momentum too.

But I’m not going to stop completely. Hopefully the site I’ve been working on will launch in the next day or two. Once that happens. Well, we will see how much time I have on my hands.