Still Alive and Working

This last weekend I went to Connecticut. During the course of my time in New York I’ve become friends with one of Dustin Hoffman’s daughters.

Fifteen of my Brooklyn brothers and sisters went out for a get-a-away weekend at their labyrinth of a house. I also took it as an opportunity to lock myself in a study and work on my masters thesis (the picture to the right is me coming out of the study — obviously in deep thought).

I returned on Monday to a full inbox. One from NewAssignment.Net founder Jay Rosen caught my eye in particular.

“Are you around?  What are you doing tonight?”

To find out what I did Monday and Tuesday. Read the following links:

OffTheBus Covers the Elections. Results and Lessons with On The Fly Network Journalism


Social Media Commentary: The YouTube/CNN Debate

Also got some credit on a Huffington Post article:

How the Questioners Featured in Monday Night’s Debate Feel Now

Well wasn’t that fun?

Here is Zack Exley’s take on it.

On Thursday I leave for Los Angeles and camp. Yes… camp. Every year I volunteer at a YMCA sleep away camp. It’s getting harder and harder every year – but I still love it and feel like it’s a good thing to do. So here I am, rushing to finish the thesis, finish organizing the panelists for a conference in October with Jeff Jarvis and finish writing a proposal for a new NewAssignment.Net project before I leave.

Although the OffTheBus flurry in the links above was a bit of a distraction, I wouldn’t have traded that for the world. I loved working with Amanda — and I’m happy that while I won’t be part of the day-to-day at OffTheBus.Net, my role at NewAssignment.Net and my experiences at Assignment Zero mean I can be play an important part of their project.

When I return to the East coast, I’ll be going to the Journalism that Matters Conference in D.C.

I’m very excited about this — I’ll be viewing this conference in a new light for a few reasons.

1. I’m helping Jarvis organize a conference.
2. The Knight News Challenge submission that I’m most excited about is related to journalism conferences.
3. Lots of people there I want to meet.

So while posting might be light — don’t think I’ve gone lazy on you. I’m sure when the next two weeks of traveling are up — I’ll have lots to report.