Links 11-27-08

  • Greg J Smith, at Serial Consign interviewed me recently.
    "David provided me with an engaging view into the world of contemporary
    journalism and the potential for a sweeping reconfiguration of the
    profession in light of connectivity, social media and new business
  • My buddy Richard Morgan has a great piece in Wired today
    All your MoonBase Are Belong to Us
    "Today, countries battle for a piece of the Arctic. Tomorrow? The Moon.
  • Some thoughts on science journalism and web 2.0 over at
    "And science journalism, which de-facto covers a "boring" subject to lots of people, can only benefit by creating a vibrant community of people who have a passion for the subject. What science journalism needs are people who criticize science because they love science (as opposed to people who criticism because they don’t believe in science)."