Help Me Change Transporation in the United States

I've been a fan of ever since they hired my friend (and new father) Josh Levy. So when they launched a contest asking for creative ideas that could change America I put in my two cents and didn't give it a second thought.

That idea, to create a high speed bullet train system through major metropolitan cities has received over 800 votes on, propelling it into the next round of voting (original votes wiped away). The top ten ideas from this next round will be presented to the Obama administration. I wouldn't presume anything after that, but just that the president of the United State's cabinet would be briefed on ideas proposed by the citizenry is reason enough to celebrate.

Considering the opportunity – I decided to give my idea a third cent and a second thought.

I'm sensitive towards public transportation. Having grown up in Los Angeles and lived in New York I've seen the good and the bad. Now living in San Francisco I welcome the day when a high-speed bullet train might connect me and my fellow Los Angelinos in under three hours, for less money, less emissions and more comfort.

But why stop there? Why not connect Seattle and Portland? Then stretch from Portland to San Francisco, down to Los Angeles and San Diego.

I envision a future where one could get from Seattle to San Diego or Las Vegas in 8 hours by train. The same should go for the East Coast: Fro Miami to New York – we should should cut down on air travel and invest in a railway infrastructure.

Like my idea? Go vote for it. With enough votes we can pass on the idea to the Obama administration. Check out the other ideas too. I don't claim mine is the best – it was just how I decided to participate. Lucky for you – voting only takes… two seconds.