Dear Amanda Congdon

Let me begin this post by telling you, Amanda, that I have the utmost respect for you as a journalist. But I cannot hide my feelings any longer, Amanda Congdon, I want to take you out on a date. Also, just like you, I am a big fan of Dr. Katz.


I first came across Rocket Boom, your daily news vlog, a week after its launch. What can I say, I was an early adopter. In fact, I pitched it to Wired News, but the editors weren’t hearing it back then. They obviously didn’t see your vision or natural talent.

When Wired did come around to do a special on Vlogs, I made sure to be a part of it. I eagerly expounded on your brilliance coupled with your perfect smile. Now I only regret leaving out your smooth vidal sassoon hair and maybelline skin. Nonetheless, after speaking with someone from Rocket Boom (unfortunately not you), your vlog was mentioned in the following Wired list of hit vlogs. To this day the idea that I have helped your blossoming career comforts me.

Today I continue searching for a story based on Rocket Boom to pitch to Wired News. I do so in the hopes that I can take you out to lunch, strictly for business reasons of course. But while on the lunch I would be sure to point out our close proximity in age and the fact that I am single.


My guess is you would be charmed by my boyish crush and woody-allen like witt. Together we could conquer the vlog world. I could write chilling yet humorous commentary for you to report and you could become the female equivalent of John Stewart on the web.

Just imagine our pillow-talk. We could discuss the virtues of the lastest Linux release or perhaps various consequences of the immersion of TiVo on cell phones. Yes, ours would be stimulating conversations of tech news, combined with sex and candy.

Amanda Congdon I live in New York, the city you report from every day. Hear my cry Amanda.

Just know that if you ever need a valiant geek to ride in on his mountain bike, well I am that geek.

Stay by your phone, if I ever do find a story centered around Rocket Boom, you’ll be the first person to know.