My Two Birthday Wishes: One of them is that you support journalism

Hello Friendsters

It is my 27th birthday. I know, I can hardly believe it myself. While I still feel 21 in my heart – the gray hairs on my head (which I’m confident are planning to spawn more) confirm it is true – I am getting older.

I am celebrating my 27th birthday in Rome. My first real vacation since last April (my 26th birthday). While I prefer to work nonstop – birthday’s make a great excuse to take time off and smell the flowers.

So why am I writing this note and spending time online during my one vacation a year? It is to ask you for two quick favors.

1. Take a moment to know that I love you. I have had a special life and it is because of the people I know. Whether you are a friend I grew up with or a colleague I’ve worked with, everyone I’ve met on this 27-year-journey is special in some way. Birthdays are often in celebration of the individual – but I want to take this opportunity to give a big cosmic hug to those that have given me a life worth celebrating.

2. If you feel inclined to celebrate my birthday in person or digitally – rather than give me a gift – I would ask that you donate a little to my growing nonprofit “Spot.Us.” As many know – this has been my life’s passion since turning 26. Truth is – every donation helps.

The process is quick and painless and your donation will put a smile on my face as well as help support independent journalism. And if you are in the SF Bay Area – there is a way you can celebrate with me in person on April 30th at the “News Bash” event we are planning.

How Can One Donate?
Stop crawling over each other!! Form a nice organized line – and I’ll tell you how.

Step one: Register on Spot.Us – this takes 10 seconds:
Make sure you validate your registration by clicking the link we will send you via email.

Step two: Browse the stories we are fundraising for.
You can do so here:

Don’t forget – one of them is an in-person event if that is how you roll.

This is the fun part. How often do you get to be an editor that sets the news agenda? Pick a story that speaks to you. If you are logged in – the donation process is quick and simple.

Your donation is tax-deductable and of course the site is safe and secure (and I wouldn’t direct you otherwise). Soon we will integrate PayPal (fingers crossed) but for now – it requires a credit card. Email me if you have any problems. (david at spot dot us)

Regardless of what you do today – I hope you are faring well, that your spirits are high and that we can spend some time together soon.

Much love