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Don’t ask me why I am following upcoming beard events in NYC. But since you are curious, I’ll just tell you.

Many moons ago me and some college friends went to the 2004 Beard and Mustache Championships in Carson City Nevada. It was one of those memories from college that will just never go away. I even ran into a friend from high school that was competing at the event. His motto always was — and I agree — “you have to be fearless with your facial hair.”

The German team was really strong and apparently they still are in 2006. The group wasn’t able to unite again to see the 2006 BMWC, but maybe I could go to this NYC beard competition and write a story on the growing trend of beard-fanatics.

I came across this beard documentary which shows the American battle against the dominate German team in the sport of beard-growing. I see some footage from the 2004 championship, which was filled with picture takers and wannabe documentary makers. Perhaps me and my friends are in the background somewhere.

651661276_lIf anybody wants a journalist to cover the NY beard competition, give me a holla! To show I’ve got the right stuff, enclosed is a picture of me with a pretty sweet mustache that took me a little over a month to grow.

2 thoughts on “Beard Links”

  1. Nice, I can’t really remember not ever having a beard. I think I had one coming out of the womb. Must’ve scared my mom & pops silly.. 😉

    I let it go wild in high school, until people wanted to name me Grizzly Adams. Not really wanting that handle, I shaved it down a bit. That was like 10 years ago. Wouldn’t shave it for anything!

  2. I was getting used to the “‘stache,” but a beard? A BEARD? Come on.
    I guess the upside is that people will be able to tell us apart now.

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