Army Recruiting — on MySpace?


The Iraq war still has low approval ratings. Enlisted soldiers can only work so long before they are honarably discharged (or killed). So here we are in the middle of a war and the army can’t seem to recruit new members. I’ve heard time and time again how the army hasn’t been meeting its enlistment quotas.

In the past the army relied on recruiters to flock around high school or college campuses, malls, anywhere that kids hang out. For a long time this was a sore spot for adults and liberal teenagers who thought the army was praying on innocent young kids.

But now kids don’t hang out at the mall, they meet up online. So to show you how you can "be all that you can be," the army is going online too.

All that I’ve confirmed right now is a chat room. But it would be great if I found a presence on MySpace. In a quick search all I could find were unconfirmed but suspicious rumors.

Still, the chat room is a nice jump for the army, which is probably feeling the hurt from a lack of recruits. But they need to do more than that, there is a big online contingency that is organized as a counter-recruitment site.