I’ve been tagged – Five things you don’t know about me

It looks like being friends with all these bloggers is catching up to me. Derek Van Vilet and Jeremy both tagged me. And here is my response to “5 things you didn’t know about me.”

1. My odd jobs: (a: I worked as a librarian for 2.5 years while I was a student at UC Berkeley. Not a bad student gig at all. (b: I worked the greetings desk at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco — I held this job for one month before I quit. Worse job ever. (c: Not proud of it, but I sold knives one summer in high school. Cutco.

2. I play 4 instruments and almost pursued music as a career: Guitar, drums, bass, and slide trombone. I could be a great failed jazz musician by now.

3. Former hippie turned beatnik — struggling not to become a hipster.

4. I have a strange fear of people touching my neck. I think I was killed in a former life by someone slitting my throat or something, because I am just very sensitive about my throat being exposed or touched. It totally gives me the willies

5. I usually have a very bad sense of humor for email jokes or chain mail. Seriously. I tend to HATE them with a passion — I had to tell my mother to stop sending them. Somehow this one seemed fun to do.

So far, the steps of this demonic dance of blog-shame go like this: » Chris Finke » C.K. Sample » Jason Calacanis » Amanda Congdon » Michael Ambs » Rick Rey » Steve Woolf » Steve Garfield » Jeff Pulver. Derek and Jeremy tagged  RoyTanner, me, Stacy, and Corey:

I tag: Mark, Msaleem Chrisek, Kottke

2 Replies to “I’ve been tagged – Five things you don’t know about me”

  1. 1) Can we get a Vector salute up in here?
    4) I mean, you live in Brooklyn. That hipster struggle is already over, my friend.

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