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I’ve been tagged by Perkonis to list some of the magazines I read.

Before I do, a quick note (since these memes are funner with stories anyway).

When I first began my love affair with the idea of being a "journalist" it was because of magazines. I never thought I’d be doing the digital thing. But here I am (loving every minute of it).

At UC Berkeley I used to stop a specialty magazine store. I say "specialty because it didn’t just have your Maxim, GQ, Wired and staple nudie magazine.

This store had every magazine imaginable. Newspapers from all over the world, photo magazines, sport magazines (every sport), every major political weekly, zines and more. I would stop in regularly just to browse. When I moved to SF, I was lucky enough to live just around the corner from another specialty magazine shop. It wasn’t as big, but it was enough to give me the fix I needed.

And lucky for me, at Columbia there is yet another specialty magazines store (perhaps better than the one in Berkeley. It has every quarterly I could ever want.

So what do I read? Well, for the most part I read online. But when I do buy magazines they are:

The New Republic
The Economist (never overlook the economist)
and Pizza Magazine Quarterly

Okay — the last one was just a joke to make sure you were still paying attention. Plus, I love that there is a magazine for this (only a specialty magazine store would ever carry this one).

I tag: Paris Lemon and Eric Skiff


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