Links: October 30th 2007

OffTheBus.Net get’s two stories in the New York Times this week:

The Women Behind the Scenes:
â??The folks over at have been looking at the gender
balance of the major presidential campaigns and have found that Rudolph
W. Giuliani and Fred Thompson have the fewest women in top positions.�

Campaign Coverage That Is Raw and Fresh: More of a broad overview of the work that has been done so far.

Cool startup of the day: which says it is the "YouTube of public documents."

Do you need a will, an NDA, a lease? Find it or upload it for others to use at DocStoc.

My Friend Ann from New York (remember NY Dave?) posted a photo of me and my roomate/best friend from highschool — from two years ago. Memories. (I’m the one she called "jew-boy").

Cool picture of the day. Me made of Marzipan. hmmmm tasty Dave.