WeMedia Updates…. sorta

I don’t dare try to recap WeMedia today.

I did have two live blog posts: One for the Ifocus blog on “The Power of the Media to Change the World” and the other on NewsTrust.net’s blog about meta-data and the future of search.

I still have a gripe with journalism conferences. This is “WeMedia” but I want to see “WeConference” – or what I call CopyCamp. I’ve been to enough of these now to know that it’s the same conversation with overlapping social networks of the same people.

I understand and appreciate the idea: Get a bunch of smart people together to network and new business relationships happen – but I don’t understand why local newsrooms can’t take that same philosophy and apply it to journalism: Get a bunch of smart people in your community together to network and new relationships happen to bolster your journalism.

Once there was FooCamp – and then it became a distributed event with BarCamp.
Right now there is WeMedia and I hope it will become……

That aside: This has been a stimulating event.