American journalism is in a crisis – Dan Rather

I have been a fan of Adbusters since I first came across it in college (yes, very typical Berkeley undergrad reading). I’ve also been critical of Adbusters (read this critical open letter).

But I wanted to take a quick post to point out a quick blurb that Dan Rather had this issue:

I was taught that everybody realized
that news was a public trust. But itâ??s reached the point now where five
or six corporations control the mass media in the United States. These international conglomerates
increasingly have many more moneymaking interests â?? they have defense
contracts, they run entertainment companies, they have billboards.

The corporate interests have such wide-ranging overlap that they need
favors from people with power in Washington. Sometimes those powers are
from the Democratic Party, sometimes they are from the Republican
Party. I think itâ??s really important people understand that the idea of
news being operated as a public trust in the public interest has
virtually disappeared…..

It continues.

While I hate/fear coming off as one of those people that comments really quickly on posts only to promote their own causes and agenda (ie: trolls) I had to leave a quick “go get-em” comment for Dan and Spot.Us at the end of this piece. I don’t discuss the “corporate media” that often – because I think it’s often a scapegoat. “Don’t like the media – put the word corporate in front of it and blame that.” Things are never black and white. But there are shades of gray and I suspect Dan is hitting some of them.

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