A Civil Rights Movement in San Francisco – Gay Marriage Protest

As the liberal U.C. Berkeley graduate now living in San Francisco I was bummed about Proposition 8 being passed, which outlawed gay marriage.

From the video below, I think you’ll see that this is more than just a proposition on the California ballot – this is about civil liberties. Why should I have the right to marry a person of my choosing if a homosexual can’t?

That’s just as absurd as me being able to drink from a certain water fountain or having first dibs to the front of the bus because of my skin color. It just seems wrong to me.

As I see things, it’s only a matter of time before gay marriage becomes legal. That’s how civil rights movements go. Does anybody really believe passing a law making gay marriage illegal will squash the desire of homosexuals to marry. That their fundamental desire to be together will just disappear? Like anybody else they love their partners and if they are lucky enough to find somebody they want to spend the rest of their lives with, they want a legal ceremony to recognize that union. Making it illegal is stalling the inevitable.

Maybe if you aren’t exposed to gays in your daily routine you think the issue of gay marriage will just disappear. That is naive. I just walked out my apartment and saw the following. If you watch the video below then try and leave a comment below that all this is a fad and it will disappear. I’m all ears.

2 thoughts on “A Civil Rights Movement in San Francisco – Gay Marriage Protest”

  1. What we need to do is hand the institution of marriage back to the church – where the state took it from a long time ago. Let them regulate it the way they want. The rest of us (gay and straight) will have civil unions and we can regulate that the way we want.

    The government can recognize them both in legal matters (taxes, estates, etc.). Once we accomplish this, then it’s strictly a matter of civil rights. Until then, the issue is really too intertwined with religion.

  2. Dude, homosexual is not the preferred nomenclature.

    It’s asian american, dude.

    No, actually, its gay or lgbt or queer or any number of other acronyms.

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