Links: Including One to Win $40 To Support Spot.Us!

Chrys Wu is having a contest on original reporting and the winner gets a $40 donation made in their name to a Spot.Us story of their choosing (along with the praise of their peers and blog accolades).

Entering the contest is as easy as leaving a comment on the link above.

Persephone Miel has finished working on her opus funded by the Macarthur foundation. I haven’t had time to dig deep into it, but don’t doubt that it’s in-depth and intriguing. The Media Re:Public

My buddy at the Bivings Report passed this study along about the state of newspaper websites.

Some interesting tidbits…

While only seven percent of sites had social bookmarking features in
2006, 92 percent of the sites offer this feature now.  We also saw a
similar trend when it comes to allowing readers to comment on articles;
only 19 percent of newspaper sites offered this feature in 2006.  Now
75 percent of sites do.

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