This is What Learning Looks Like

Twitter turned three years old recently and I celebrated my two-year twitter anniversary. Also – last November I had my three year blog-birthday (First posts in 2005).

Looking at my early blog posts and Tweets are informative to me now. You can tell in the beginning I wasn’t sure what to do. My first @ message was to my friend Mary Specht and it was a complete accident (start at the bottom of the Tweet feed below to see the first tweets). My second post was a massive throat clearing. My fourth blog post was about Digg and how I used it to find original stories. The irony today being that anything on Digg is already old news. My fifth post was pure satire (I am officially over Amanda Cogdon)

Regardless of what you Tweeted, blogged, etc – it is important to take a step back and look at how you first engaged with these tools. Hindsight being 20/20 what would you do differently? How can this help one prepare for adapting to use the next tool that comes around? Because there will be a next tool. Remembering what it is like to have fresh eyes, how would you design your own startup to change journalism?







On a p.s: Also interesting is how you remember things better when you have jotted down notes like this. The lunch, for example, was with MrBabyMan – now the #1 Digger in the world. A community which, I’m sad to say, I’ve fallen out of touch with since Spot.Us turned my life into a whirlwind.

Then you might notice my “Useless Mutant Power” meme. That is in reference to my guilty pleasure blog “Useless Mutant Powers.” Yes – even my hobbies are nerdy. More than anything, however, this side-blog and my early Tweets were baby steps.

What baby steps did you take and how might that of influenced where you are now?

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