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It isn’t working 100% but I’m going to make an effort to take the best of my Google Shared Items (automatically saved via and start linking to them here.

Early in my career I made a name for myself as a good curator of content. NY Times writer Saul Hansell said he thought I was in the top 98 percentile of people who can read and absorb content. I don’t know about that (although I’ll take the compliment) – but I am excited to start linking more to things I’m reading that don’t suck.

So here they are: Links of the day that don’t suck.

How to Sell Your Soul on Twitter and Who’s Buying

Marshall Kirkpatrick (one of the best tech writers around right now) does a great post for ReadWriteWeb analyzing how companies are starting to (mis)use Twitter. we now know that companies including Apple, Skype, Flip, StubHub and have started paying Twitter users to hawk their products.

David Cohn: Amid recession, is San Francisco losing its heart?

A blog post updating some Spot Reporting that we are working on.

Claim: Internet hurts journalism more than it helps

From whose perspective???? I call bullshit on this whole study.

An After-Life for Newspapers
 A gathering of friends including Chris O’Brien, George Kelly, Mark Glaser, Eve Betty and Alexis Madrigal. I wish I could have been there to chat with them all. This is a great video that really shows what is possible when you get a bunch of people and some wine in a room. 

Fail Fast

Best advice I could ever give a news organization. Fail early and fail often. Otherwise – you’ll just be trying the same stuff over and over again.

The Future of Journalism Will Be Radically Different
Somebody shut this jackass up (its me!).

The AP’s new stance won’t end well, for it or its members

So says Terry Heaton.

Twitter Passes NY Times.

Before dismissing this comparison as one of those apples-and-oranges deals, take a moment to think about it. Literally out of nowhere, the little micro-blogging platform that constrains your messaging to 140 characters or less, is, according to, this very month passing the august, as measured by numbers of unique visitors.

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