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I’m on the road this week (Berlin and Rome). Hey, I’m allowed one vacation a year. I’m only semi-working till April 26th 😉

Soon I hope to come up with themes for my link posts. But for now – the it remains: “Things I’m reading that don’t suck.” Many of these also expose my views towards Spot.Us.

Warnings about the online-only path
I tend to agree with Yelvington here. People ask if Spot.Us will “replace newsrooms” and the answer is still no. We need multiple paths to sustainability – and that means multiple paths of news delivery.

Investigative journalism
“When papers say, “if we’re gone, who will keep government honest?”, the answer is, every other media outlet that covers city, state and the federal government. There is nothing inherently inky about investigative journalism. Whether it’s TPM, or HuffPo, or The Nation, or ProPublica, or the Center for Independent media, or local news sites like MinnPost and Voice of San Diego, or crowd-sourced citizen journalist outfits like A Better Oakland, someone will fill the void.”And I hope that Spot.Us can help sites like A Better Oakland” do investigative reporting.

Why You Should Experiment
Fail early and fail often: “And this is a beautiful thing. The web makes the cost of failure so low it’s worth failing like crazy to learn what works. Embracing failure as part of the process is a key characteristic of those who achieve success.” Also interesting to note how cheap it is to fail. Relatively speaking the amount of money for is very low. Even if we “fail” – I will feel as though a large contribution to the greater web has been made.

CNN acquires leading Twitter account
Can I just quit!

Yet another reason newspapers are dying
From the Daily Kos: A story of the Rocky Mountain News and why they may have had it coming. Interesting to get the other angle to their closing.

Why People Join And Participate In Online Communities
“More importantly, the best communities make it impossible not to interact. They force you to invest an idea, opinion, rating or criticism into the community. You might not even have a choice, other people might begin rating you the moment you’re in.”

“What’s “Media?” Time to Update Default Assumptions
Amy is great at challenging assumptions. I think she is right to look at what we call “new media” with skeptical eyes. Lets stop ghettoizing things with terms that mean nothing.

The newsroom: where alternate workflows go to die
If you’re a newspaper editor, I’ve learned, it’s really difficult to imagine this workflow in practice. Your entire job is structured around defined products (stories, pages and sections), not floofy things like “cascades” folks like Martin and I keep harping on.

Former Seattle P-I Staffers Launch Non-Profit News Site
Its REAL simple folks: Let people decide what stories their money goes to support. You will up the number of donations.

Philadelphia Inquirer pays Santorum $1,750 per column
I could fund one investigation a week with that….. I haven’t read Rick’s column – but I hope it has serious value add.

Landmark moments in citizen journalism
This is a subset of citizen journalism….. there have been bigger and better moments with distributed reporting.

Dan Rossen Covers JoJo For The New Yorker
Personal link. Dan Rossen was my best friend at Westwood Elementary School. Even then he had a passion for music. I am so proud of him!!!

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