Update: Newsroom Cafe Appearing Elsewhere

One more quick update to my business idea: “The Newsroom Cafe.”

Update #1: In Berlin the Taz newspaper already does this. The newsroom’s bottom floor is a public cafe and they advertise one might see reporters or editors on their lunch breaks.

Update #2: A NY Times article “A Latte With Journalism on the Side.”

Several coffee shops set to open next month in the Czech Republic plan to offer more than the usual array of cafe services. As they sip their drinks, visitors will also be able to surf the Web, get help in building social networking profiles or even chat with reporters working right next door putting together their local newspapers.

This is a wide open space for someone.

Also note that Chris O’brien’s Next Newsroom project discussed what a newsroom should like like with architects. I haven’t discussed this with Chris – but from what I understand their prescription was for an open and public space, fully equipped with movable furniture.

Newsrooms in the future will be public spaces. Perhaps they will combine with libraries?

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