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Once again hat tip to (where I’m an advisor) for making this super easy for me.

Straight Links

Social Media Marketing 101
PBS Mediashift
There’s a new series of demands being made in company meetings everywhere: “What is our social media strategy? What are we doing on Facebook and Twitter? I want followers and fans, and I want them now!” But before companies large and small — as well as non-profits and charities — jump into social media, they need to take a deep breath and think about it. What are their goals? What kind of return on investment will they get? Even though it’s free to set up fan pages and feeds, there’s a time investment that may or may not pay off.

Status.Net: The WordPress For Microblogs Gets A Hosted Solution

Walt Disney vs. the news industry: How bad management is killing newspapers and their websites

5 Ways to find, mix and mash your data

MediaShift Idea Lab . Changes in Media Over the Past 550 Years | PBS

Why Nonprofits Need Newspapers


BBC announces launch of radio player

Director, BBC Audio and Music Tim Davie speaking about his announcement of the BBC radioplayer at The Media Festival, Manchester today.

New Times: The Future of Journalism

This video is over one hour – but filled with good folks like Paul Steiger from ProPublica and Alberto Ibarguen from the Knight Foundation.

Paul Starr on “public accountability after the age of newspapers” (Part 1 of 3)

Paul Starr talks about “public accountabiility after the age of newspapers” at Suffolk University Law School, 1 October 2009

Why Newspapers Go Out of Business

I’m not endorsing the Moaist Rebel News but when I came across this, I had to save it.

Ten Angry Reporters Meltingdown & Blowing Up(Compilation)

Lately I seem be going from internet argument to internet argument. Feels like this.

Just for laughs.

Mario: Game Over

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