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Somebody recently asked me for my resume and I realized how horribly outdated it is. Perhaps because I look at my blog as a “living resume.” If that’s the case, however, I’ve still been doing a poor job of keeping it up to date. I need to start collecting links like those below. Tomorrow’s blog post will be a more thoughtful analysis of the business revenue of journalism (or a rehash of the link at the bottom).

Search, Monetize and Fact Check YouTube Transcripts with Speakertext
My buddy Matt Miriles launched his startup. Me and Matt have late night startup chats. Was happy to tip ReadWriteWeb to the launch of his project. You’ve probably never heard of Matt Mireles and Bjorn Liljequist but with a $4000 dollar budget and an engineering team paid in iPhones, the two already have Meebo founder Seth Sternberg as their advisor and praise from VC Fred Wilson. The duo’s filtering service Speakertext will launch at tomorrow’s New York Tech Meetup and the concept is a simple one – to make video interesting.

Powerless point
I was at a conference recently back when a young man got up and said something liberating. He explained he was going to take the radical step of simply speaking to the audience, rather than subjecting them to a projected display of dancing bullet points. “Power corrupts,” he said, “but PowerPoint corrupts absolutely.” (I was that young man!)

The really funny part: I started my talk with that line and then proceeded to my PowerPoint. I did, however, rush through it to get to the Q&A part – which is why I use that joke, because I want people to know why I’m speeding through my presentation.

David Cohn in an Interview

Boonsri Dickinson talks to David Cohn at Spot.Us about community funded journalism

Interview With David Cohn of Spot.Us
The part of the conversation I didn’t record touched me the most. Cohn understands the hustle a freelance journalist must go through. I know exactly what he means. I feel the hustle every single day.

The Search for a New Revenue Model in Journalism
PBS Mediashift
I take a look at the notion that perhaps there is no solid revenue stream for the future of journalism.

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