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We have been hinting at Seattle as the next Spot.Us city for some time and I’m very excited today, with the click of a few buttons, to make it a reality.

It would be a crime to keep Spot.Us limited to the Bay Area and Los Angeles. It would turn us into a nonprofit news organization when, as I’ve said many times, we are a platform. A platform for freelancers to pitch the world (editors and the public) in one fell swoop. Nonprofit news organizations can use this platform to fundraise, local papers and bloggers can use this to expand their freelance budget and through Spot.Us the community can have a say in what news gets covered. So it’s time to start opening up the platform. We may be coming to a region near you, so join our newsletter or suggest a city on our home page.

This is the first phase in a larger expansion. We are already talking with folks in other cities where we hope to expand. Perhaps some of these local Spot.Us networks won’t pan out. Hopefully they will. This depends entirely upon the public. We need your help to spread the word and to get folks involved. It’s a chance for the public in Seattle to take ownership of the media.

This is an experiment for the larger journalism community to take control of. This belongs to everyone.
Why Seattle?
My first response is; why not?

Aside from being the next major city on the West coast, Seattle is a hub of hyperlocal media experiments and projects. If my hunch is correct these local media projects need as many revenue sources, platforms and tools as possible. There are a ton of organizations and sites we hope to partner with like Investigate West, West Seattle Blog, Seattle Post Globe, Capital Hill Blog, Next Door Media, Seattle PI, CrossCut, Wallywood – and that’s literally off the top of my head.

Why Now?

About six weeks ago I was having a meeting with Spot.Us media advisor Jeremy Toeman, of my oldest “internet friends,” who gave me a polite kick in the butt as only an e-friend can. “You aren’t learning fast enough.” He said.

He was right. Something was holding me back and he aptly pointed it out. I was starting to talk with news organizations in various parts of the country about expanding Spot.Us in partnership. I still want to, but I can’t wait for that to manifest. Especially not when it really only takes a few clicks for us to create a new Spot.Us network.

And besides: The mission of Spot.Us as a nonprofit is not to partner with newspapers. Those are welcome events, like today’s article in the SF Bay Guardian funded in part by Spot.Us, but it is not our driving mission.

Creating a new network without a strong partnership does feel vulnerable – but that is what is needed in this phase of Spot.Us’ growth. And more networks will come. We are looking at Austin and Minneapolis next.

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  1. Hi Dave,

    Don’t forget about our online journalistic enterprise at, based right here in Seattle.

    Anyway, I wanted to write a story about your expansion here. Can you tell me a little bit more about how it will work, and how many stories you hope to get off the ground here in Seattle? Also, can you provide some metrics on how the network has been doing lately? Thanks.

    Please email me at

    John Cook
    Co-founder, TechFlash

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