Third Carnival of Journalism – #JCARN March 31ST

So the first rule in the #jcarn is that there is no apologizing. That said, I “regret” that I have not sent this out sooner (this was originally posted at the #jcarn website – but I’m doing a reminder post on Digidave this weekend).

The deadline: Thursday March 31st.
The topic: Driving innovation (Two detailed prompts below).

Prompt #1: I can’t speak on behalf of Knight. But I think it’s fair to say that one of their ‘charges’ is to drive innovation. One way they did that was through the Knight News Challenge. A five year $25 million investment. This is the last year of the Knight News Challenge in its current incarnation. Meanwhile Knight recently hired Michael Maness to be their new Vice President.

With the changes in the wind: What would be the next step for the Knight Foundation to further its mission to drive innovation in journalism. What do you think should be their next big investment? Should they continue the News Challenge? Continue the challenge but change the way it works? What advice/ideas would you give Michael Maness?

Prompt #2: The Reynolds Journalism Institute exists to develop and test ways to improve journalism. One way they’ve done this is through a fellowship program. Some academic fellowships like Harvard’s Neiman Fellowship have existed for decades. The Reynolds Fellowship is just 4 years old. Which means it is still shaping itself. How would you shape the fellowship to drive innovation? What types of fellows should they be looking for? What types of fellows should they avoid? What programs should the fellows go through in order to drive innovation?

All of this and more will be shared on March 31st on your personal blog. If you don’t have one – contact david AT spot Dot us and we’ll figure something out.

On Thursday March 31st at 12pm PST we will all publish and share our thoughts, comment, and learn from each other.

Best to all and to all… the best.

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