Content is King, Collaboration is Queen, but Communication is Everything

A follow up to the original “Collaboration is Queen” post.

I get asked a lot to talk about Spot.Us. I love it, of course, but I always want to try and abstract away from the specifics of Spot.Us into what it represents.

Rather than talk about the gawking questions like

  • Who are these reporters
  • What if …. (imagine some scenario that would compromise reporting)
  • How do you fundraise?
  • Etc

I like to talk about

  • How can you get a group of people to collaboration around a topic
  • What will enable participatory journalism for news organizations
  • How can we be more transparent in the process of journalism

These questions motivate me – and I hope they show up in Spot.Us.

So when I had the opportunity to lead a discussion at the Journalism Innovations conference more than anything I didn’t want it to be about Spot.Us – but about the greater concepts. My discussion was on collaboration.

I am very grateful to Josh Stearns who obviously took better notes than me. He captured just about every important note I thought we hit and the questions that remained. Excited that might try and tackle these questions through case studies this summer.

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