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It seems as though at least three times a week I get internally inspired to write an epic blog post. Not just any blog post – an EPIC post.

Alas – this euphoric feeling always comes when I’m away from a computer (often in transit via Bart or my car). So for now – a link post.

But stay tuned – epic blogging will commence shortly. When I have my choice between pushing forward on Spot.Us or doing a blog post for my personal blog – Spot.Us wins every time. I’m hope everyone understands.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Why not have it with us?
Does your newsorg do this?

Innovative Individuals: Richard Koci Hernandez
Richard Koci Hernandez goes again after the unconventional and amazing. Best interview ever!

Publish2 Aims to Oust the Associated Press
I’m an advisor to Publish2.com and using it to create this link post.

MediaWatch Monday: Journalists Won’t Report News Unless It Can Drive Page Views

Scary and…. true. Read to the end: “Journalists will increasingly be tempted to work with those agencies that help them drive page views. Luckily, PR companies haven’t figured out how to reliably drive traffic to a specific story beyond submitting it to Digg, etc. But that will change.”

  • Leonard Witt’s blog got re-activated again. Keep an eye out here for what I think will be some exciting projects.
  • Why journalists should learn computer programming. A question I asked myself about three years ago. I found the title of this post provocative since it wasn’t a question “Should journalists learn” but a statement “Why they should…” In the end I might actually disagree. I think all journalists should know how to work with programmers – but not necessarily be the programmers themselves.
  • Save the News: Looks at the recent FTC draft of their intervention in journalism. As does boss Jarvis. I myself haven’t had time to really dig into it – but skimming it does make my chest tighten up.

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