Thoughts on the future of video #jcarn

I’m on the road but I haven’t missed a Carnival of Journalism deadline since I helped re-start it last November and I don’t intend to start now.

This month’s topic from Andrew Pergam is the future of online video. This is no easy topic to tackle. While I greatly believe in multimedia storytelling and that video will very much be a part of the web, it isn’t a topic I zen out on regularly.

But there are a few things I think we can expect more of. They might not feel very “journalism-y” but let’s talk about the medium, not the content.

1. Easy, fun creation: I love Xtranormal and other story-boarding technology. One of the most popular is, funny enough, a Japanese company which takes news of the week and animates it. As this technology gets easier I expect to see the LOL cats version of story boarding.

2. Hangouts/Skype and group video will mean the death of the talk show. When the Internet and television collide, which will inevitably happen, the talking head show as we know it will be displaced. A site like will be viewed as way ahead of its time.

3. The Speakularity. Matt Thompson coined this phrase. Interestingly enough his post came out just as a friend (and former reporter) was co-founding SpeakerText. One day videos will be searchable the way the rest of the web is. Think about the amount of information that could be unearthed. We will be able to link to quotes within a video.

These are just three things which I expect to see more of in the future.

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