15 Days Until The Networked Journalism Summit

NetworkedjournalismThe first Summit on Networked Journalism is fast approaching. I have my fair share of work to do before
the actual conference. But it is exciting work – I get to report on the best practices and practitioners of the emerging art of networked journalism. I’ve been interviewing plenty of people and sucking out all their brain juices (yum).

I won’t be blogging here at Digidave.org much until after the conference.


Because I have to report on all the conversations for the Networked Journalism Summit here — NewsInnovation.com. That’s where I’ll be the next two weeks.

That combined with organizing logistics for the conference and still trying to get other work things done = no time for personal blogging.


I do have one good suggestion if you are looking for lighter reading: My journo-friend Maurreen Skowran (who is meticulous in the best way possible) has been bitten by the blogging vampire and is now a blogger herself.

Her First post is both poetic and telling.

"The Web whispered.
We didnâ??t hear it when it was born. We didnâ??t hear it start breathing…."

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