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Through my experience in participatory journalism I am often asked to speak at conferences. This list is not exhaustive. Between journalism schools and conferences I have done more public speaking than I can really keep track of. I have done a poor job of noting every speaking occasion, even the more notable ones. I have also been a “judge” in various journalism related contests.

These first few videos are indicative of other speaking events.

Journalism Week at West Virginia University

Reynolds Journalism Institute Talking about Circa

For Reynolds Journalism Institute


A roundtable conversation

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 12.47.43 PM

  • Nieman Review – Creating a new platform to support reporting
  • ForaTV

A Judge in Journalism Contests
  • CNN’s iReport Awards 2013
  • Knight News Challenge: 2009 and 2010
  • SPJ Northern California 2012 awards and 2013
  • SXSW Accelerator Competition (2010-2013)
  • SXSW V2Venture Accelerator Competition 2013
  • iReport – CNN Citizen Journalism Awards 2013
  • Uutisraivaaja News Contest (A Finnish Knight News Challenge) 2013
  • and more which I didn’t keep track of…..

Recognition from Peers

  • Martin Stabe – Looking for journalism student heroes?
    “Dave Cohn a student at Columbia University and editor of, is certainly a good example to point out.”
  • Jay Rosen
    “David Cohn (miraculously, half geek, half journalist).”
  • Mathew Ingram “Jay and his team “led by the indefatigable David ‘DigiDave’ Cohn” want to…”

In The News

  • New York Times: Spot Us would give a new sense of editorial power to the public, said David Cohn, a 26-year-old Web journalist who received a $340,000,
    two-year grant from the Knight Foundation to test his idea.”
  • Marin Independent Journal: Speaking on NewsTrust.Net “What drew me to it originally was the fact that there was a rubric to
    the voting process,” said David Cohn, an editor at
  • Media and the Law Seminar, Calgary – “Bans, Blogs and Boundaries”
    Third Panel: Who Let the Blogs Out?” Citizen Journalism and the Rise of Internet Reporting.
  • New York Times loves my reporting: “Its important to create a system that has a balance of accountability
    and free form,â? Ryan Mickle, the siteâ??s founder, told David Cohn of
  • New York Times “Top Digg Users Revolt Against Algorithm Change on Site” â?? In an open letter to Digg’s executives posted this morning, four of the
    site’s so-called top users Andy Sorcini, David Cohn , Muhammad Saleem
    and Reg Saddler said that they planned to stop submitting to Digg.

(This list is not meant to be exhaustive – but just the highlights)


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