A Compendium of Knowledge: Interviews for the Networked Journalism Summit

The Networked Journalism Summit is just days away.

It’s going to be an exciting event. With around 180 participants all aiming to create new working relationships/projects.

Below are 62 interviews – half of which I did over the phone, the other half via a mass email questionnaire.

They are with various players in the world of networked/citizen journalism. Enjoy (in no particular order) interviews with people who are making waves in journalism.

Janice Brand – Helium.com 

Lila King – Cnn.Com

Dan Barkin – News & Observer

Scott Clark and Dwight Silverman – Houston Chronicle

Chris Tolles – Topix 

Mike Orren – Pegasus News

Steve Safran – Lost Remote

John Oppedahl

Rob Neppell – N.Z. Bear

Donica Mensing – Reynolds School of Journalism

Amanda Michael – OffTheBus.Net

Bill Allison – Sunlight Foundation

Robin Sloan, Andrew Fitzgerald – Current TV

Jason Oberfest – Los Angeles Times

Martin Huber – Myheimat.de

Howard Owens – GateHouse Media

Travis Henry – YourHub

Alan Levy – BlogTalkRadio

Brian Conley – Alive in Baghdad

Barry Parr – Coastsider

Adrian Monck – City University of London

Chuck Olsen – The Uptake

Dave Winer – Scripting News

David Stern – MixedInk

Robin Hamman – BBC

Patrick Phillips – The Vineyard Voice

Danny Glover – Air Congress

Mary Mathews – Pound Productions,LLC

Dorian Benkoil – Digital Media Consultant/Columnist/Teeming Media

Chrys Wu – CBS TV Digital Media Group

Henry Abbott – TrueHoop/ESPN

Michael Mcintee – The Uptake

Tristan Louis – TNL.Net

Chris Lydon – Open Source Radio

Charlie Beckett – Polis

James Kotecki – Video Blogger/Politico

Rick Burnes – Faneuil Media

Micah Sifry – Personal Democracy Forum

Jennifer Carroll – Gannett

Derek Willis – Database Journalism at Washingtonpost.com

Jeff Burkett – WashingtonPost.Newsweek Interactive blogs

Jim Colgan – WNYC Radio

Michael Rosenblum – Democratizing Video via Rosenblum Associates

Rachel Sterne – GroundReport

Kate Marymont and Mackenzie Warren – Fort Myers

Dan Pacheco – Bakersfield.com

Emily Gertz – WorldChanging

Paul Sullivan – Orato

Jane Hamsher – FireDogLake

Merrill Brown – NowPublic

Lisa Williams – H2OTown, Placeblogger

Jonathan Weber â?? NewWest.Net

Rick Waghorn – MyFootballWriter

Mark Potts – Backfence

Jarah Euston – Fresno Famous

John Wilpers – BostonNOW

Jay Rosen â?? NewAssignment.Net

Debbie Galant – Baristanet

No Longer Attending :(

Simon Bucks – Sky News

Edward Roussel – The Telegraph

Howard Weaver – McClatchy

Paul Bass – New Haven Independent

2 thoughts on “A Compendium of Knowledge: Interviews for the Networked Journalism Summit”

  1. I wonder when the last time or next time such a diverse group of journalism insiders will all come together for the purpose of networking and collaboration…this sounds like it rocked. I wish I was there. I especially would love to hear more about Alive in Baghdad. I saw on iTunes that you could download their video podcast. I downloaded it to my iphone and now I’m addicted.

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