Spot.Us: Looking for Local Reporters, News Organizations and Civic Leaders

Spot.Us has a site. It’s not at the URL “” yet. I’m considering it “in beta” right now and sending messages out to reporters and civic leaders trying to seed it with some content before we go live (hopefully in a week or so).

The call out

Are you a freelance journalist in the Bay Area?
Is there an investigation you’ve wanted to do but haven’t been able to sell to newspapers?

Are you a news organization that needs help with their freelance budget?
Do you have freelance journalists you trust, but can’t keep them on your roster?

Are you a civic leader that has ideas for investigations you want to see come to life?
Interested in being the seed that starts an investigation in your part of the Bay?


I’ll point you to the beta site which will go live once we have 3-5 solid pitches and another 3-5 solid tips.

Next week I’ll be in New York for the New Business Models for News conference where I will be talking about Spot.Us and although I won’t be here in San Francisco, you know where my heart will be. I’m taking no breaks right now (actually working overtime) – so don’t hesitate to contact me.


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  1. Hey Dave- I’m very excited to be following the next phase of and wish you all the success in the world. When it grows to include international news, I’m totally on board to write reports/make videos for you.

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