24 thoughts on “To Spot.Us – Time for Me to Move On

  1. David,
    Am doin’ a little soft shoe in honor of you.
    Thank you for Spot.Us, for failing fast and not at all.

    Anon for sure.

  2. Dave — thanks for the lead you took in Spot.Us.
    As a guy on the public media side of things, I’ll be curious to see where the platform and community goes from here.
    Good luck with the next big thing!
    — MM

  3. David,

    I’ve watched and cheered Spot.Us for some time now. You’ve built something quite remarkable in the area of participatory journalism. Enjoy your much deserved time off and I look forward to hearing about your next adventure.

  4. Hey, DigiDave: Congrats! A big move for you, but makes a lot of sense. There are a lot of opportunities out there and I can’t wait to see what you do next.

    All good wishes from all of us proud folks at @ColumbiaJourn.


  5. You’ve created something wonderful and driven Spot.Us with remarkable vision and optimism. I’m grateful and proud to have been a part of it, both as a designer and a community member. Good luck, brother! Looking forward to see what’s next.

  6. It did sound crazy, it doesn’t anymore because YOU made it. Kudos to you and to the whole community you patiently and transparently built.
    I’m sad for Spot.us losing you but thrilled and curious and thirsty to learn about what your next step will be, knowing for sure that you’ll keep pushing the boundaries!
    Forza Digidave!

  7. This is exciting news.
    I’ll keep watching Spot.Us and I hope it’s as interesting and vibrant as always. But my eye’s on you, Dave Cohn. I can’t wait to see what you do next .. and next.. and then after that.

    Good luck. We’re with you.

  8. Wow! I am kinda sad to hear you’re going, coz you’ve done so much good for Spot.Us, but like the majority of commenters here, I am really happy for you and whatever you will be doing next.

    I have so much faith in you, and I trust you. I trust you more than Spot.Us, if that makes sense. I trust that wherever you go, you will do the right thing for journalism and the world, and that nothing can corrupt you!

    Thank you for everything you have given and will continue to give!

  9. Dave! I can’t say enough good things about you and Spot.us! I feel so fortunate to have worked with you. As a fledgling journalist I knew I always had strong support from you and that you believed anything was possible. I know you’ll do great things and can’t wait to see what you do next! You’ll be terribly missed.

  10. Your announcement isn’t a shocker, because you HAVE shown your work, but you leave a bunch of us keen to learn about the particulars of your next adventure. Thanks for creating and leaving Spot.Us with good wind in its sails and for inspiring so many others to think beyond the familiar.
    Warmest regards,
    George in Miami

  11. David — Spot.Us inspired discussion among my colleagues about the role of the public in funding individual stories and the role that newsroom leaders play in deciding what to cover. I can’t say we reached a conclusive answer, but the existence of Spot.Us at least put these topics in a real-world context. I’ll be interested to see what’s next for you, and following the development of Spot.Us as well. Best to you!

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